Kundan Jewellery For The Desi Bride

Summer is here, and besides being the season for holidays, wedding bells are ringing throughout. But happiness and celebrations aside, wedding preparations can be a daunting task. Especially buying jewellery. And to make your big day a whole lot easier, we have put together a list of our favourite Kundan jewellery that’s perfect for the occasion.

Pearls and Kundan jewellery are a classic combination for any bride on her big day. The traditional stones, along with elegant pearls are perfect for the modern bride who still holds strong in family values.

Rajwada Royal Kundan Earrings
These gold plated danglers with Kundan stones are just what you need to keep you effortlessly stylish on your wedding day. The traditional stones get a lift with the use of a dot of colour, which makes them stand out more.

Blue and gold has always enjoyed a regal status and this is only exemplified further with Kundan stones. For a rich look, that’s easy to pull off and modern at the same time, this necklace is a definite must have as a part of your wedding jewellery.

Maang Tikka’s are a classy hair accessory on your wedding day and this one with Kundan stones is exactly what you need to stay stylish. Plated with gold and in a droplet like design, we’d suggest this maang tikka as a good addition to any look.

Multi-strand green beads with Kundan stones make this necklace a must have. We also love the beaded thread adjustable strap which adds to the beauty of the necklace. Definitely a piece we are getting for our big day.

Tassels, beads, Kundan stones and mandala like designs make this adjustable necklace the ultimate piece for your wedding. With its royal detailing and modern looks, this is definitely a piece to invest in.

Kundan jewellery has a rich history and is a part of every Indian bride’s dream wedding. The stones are every bit versatile, as they are pretty and whether you are buying it for yourself or as a gift, you can be assured that such pieces will never go unnoticed or unadmired. After all, your wedding comes only once in your life, so go ahead and splurge on the big day.

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