The best part of fashion is the creative flexibility that allows you to express yourself. Colouring outside of the lines is an unfettered thrill. And while there is a rule book for fashion which we term as guidelines for those who don't have a natural talent for it. If fashion is your passion and you enjoy trying new things you'd wear anything with the confidence of a celebrity. When it comes to layering jewellery pieces we are pretty confused about it and it is one of the skills we are yet to master. Statement pieces are the MVPS in India.

However, The Glocal Trunk believes that layering has a certain beauty to it, and that once people catch on to this style, it will be here to stay. Continue reading for some helpful hints on how to stack your necklaces.

1. Keep your outfit's neckline in mind

This is a no-brainer, and it is best styled with your artistic abilities. Wear your necklace over the shirt and under the collar if you're wearing a button down shirt. Alternatively, put your layers over a Polo neck t-shirt for a plunging neckline to appear more modest one. The option is yours all you have to do is keep in mind that a foundation for creating elegantly stacked necklace designs.

2. Select a variety of lengths and weights

When working with several layers, you don't want your jewellery to be lost in the mix. Start by stacking three styles to make them stand out. One is a choker that may be tiny depending on your preference. The second layer, which is longer and holds a pendant, is next added. Then continue on to the third, longer and heavier. To prevent having to deal with a twisted and messy neckline, start with several types of chains.  

3. Add layers to the cascade effect

Begin at the top and work your way down, starting with the layer close to your collarbone. You can include as many or as few as you like. If you leave adequate space between the necklaces, each one will have its own starting time. More visually interesting design choices are created by layering your necklaces in a cascading arrangement.  

4. Experiment with different shapes

Pay attention to how the forms interact when adding pendants of various shapes. A simple approach to get around this is to layer a pendant with a chain necklace. Making the chain more of a choker by draping the pendant down long, or keeping the pendant a file with the boulder chain. This is a terrific method to spruce up a pendant necklace that you had for a long time.  

5. Add a pop of color

If you have gone for a neutral or monochrome appearance with your outfit, a vivid pendant necklace or chain can provide the splash of colour you're looking for. When it comes to where the colour should go in the stack, it is recommended focusing on the shorter chain because it is the one closest to your face and so can accentuate some of your characteristics.  

We know that these styling are super helpful for you but when it comes to actually getting the right jewellery it's a complete hassle. But don't worry guys we have got your back. Here are some of our top picks from The Glocal Trunk's Stock Clearance Sale which are totally going to change your fashion game and are a total steal deal.

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Here we go:  

1. Rosy Vintage Multi-Chain Long Necklace & Collar Me Up Textured Collar Necklace

Multi layer chain online Textured collar Necklace in Gold

Rosy vintage multi chain long necklace has a really gorgeous design with an antique finish along with enamel flowers and stone comments studded in it. Not talking about the textured collar necklace it has a really sleek and simple design which looks flattering on almost everything. When styled together they both are going to look extremely gorgeous. They will accentuate your neckline giving it a bold and classy look. and getting such gorgeous pieces at such an economic price is a total steal deal. Go get these as soon as you can because this is a wardrobe staple.

    2. Paved Hamsa Hand Evil Eye Necklace & Bella Crystal Multilayered Necklace

Evil Eye Hamsa Pendant Chain Multi strand crystal bead chain in nude
Both these pieces will look extremely gorgeous together as the Hamsa hand evil eye necklace is a statement piece which is going to attract a lot of attention towards its neckline whereas the Bella crystal multi layered necklace is a simple and sleek layered chain which is going to give a lot of dimension to your outfit and look and is going to make your entire neck piece look layered and proper.      

3. Bejewelled Multistone Collar Necklace & Zen Bamboo Multi-Chain Necklace

Multicolour Stone Collar Necklace
Tri Colour Metal Multi layers chain Necklace

The visual multi stone collar necklace is a perfect piece if you're someone who has a lot of monochrome outfits. It will give the proper pinch of colour and elegance to your outfit making it look unique and gorgeous. Styling both of these pieces together is a really easy task as the collar necklace provides colour and dimension to the outfit. Whereas the multi chain necklace looks simple and sleek giving beautiful layers to your outfit. It will look extremely gorgeous on a v neckline.     

4. Estrella Choker Necklace & Troy Delicate Layered Chain Necklace

Silver Stone Collar Necklace
Multi layer chain Necklace

The pieces are extremely gorgeous and look beautiful together. The silver choker necklace has a really classy and expensive touch to it. The American diamond studded in the middle of the choker gives it a really unique look making a statement piece for the set whereas the Troy delicate layered chain has a simple and sleek look and has a really gorgeous design with minute detailings in its pendant. Both of these when styled together will look extremely gorgeous as the more the better giving your neck piece a heavy and gorgeous look.  

5. The Exalted Globetrotter Choker & Masonite Pendant Necklace

Twisted Chain With Crystal Ball Collar Necklace  Long Pendant Chain Online

This choker has an edgy and unique style which will miraculously complement any of your outfits as it has a statement which is going to attract a lot of attention. The Moonsite pendant necklace is a long chain necklace which has a really gorgeous pendant which looks totally elegant and charming giving you a classy touch. Both of these pieces will look extremely gorgeous together as both of them have a really unique and antique design. The pendant can also be worned as a chain and can also be folded to give layers to it. Both of these at such a pocket-friendly price are a steal deal.    

Accessories are like the last brush stroke on a painting. You may put on the most gorgeous clothing in the world, but if you don't wear any jewelry, you will feel as if something is incomplete. So take a chance and experiment with what works for you as a person. These were some of our top picks from The Glocal Trunk Stock Clearance Sale for you. You can check out our website for some more amazing deals and collections.
And why just necklaces we have a wide range of bracelets and rings that are stack worthy too.

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