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Western outfits look perfect if styled with the right jewellery. Minimalism is the key when it comes to western outfits. Beautiful earrings and bracelets go the best when we talk about accessorising a beautiful dress, a pantsuit and many more outfits.

But the biggest question here is which is the perfect jewel for your outfit! And that’s why we have short listed a few select jewellery pieces from our Midas Touch Collection. After all the right outfit needs the perfect piece of bling too!


American Diamond Earrings

These beautiful earrings with a breathtaking design are so gorgeous that once you take a look at them there's no going back. The alluring and detailed design and the beautiful rose gold colour of this earring is such a delight to look at. You can style this eating with a lot of outfits. Pair it up with a black or white satin dress along with black or nude pumps. You can also style it up with formal wear like a white shirt, beige pants and nude heels. Once you pair it like this or any way you like you are going to heaven and I bet no one will be able to take their eyes off you.


Buy American Diamond Earrings Online

These beautiful earrings are a delight to look at and anyone who takes a look at it can not get their eyes off them. It is made from high-quality AD and brass which makes it durable and proves that there is no doubt in quality. You can pair it up with bold colour outfits and it is going to make you look like an absolute goddess. You can pair it up with a mustard colour dress or any more yellow shade. The earrings would pair well with a yellow ankle length dress would go perfectly well along with a messy bun and nude heels.


American Diamond Earrings

The design of this earring is magnificent. A pair close to our heart the earrings are a delight to look at. You can pair up these gorgeous earrings along with a dark-toned maxi dress and heels. They will also look amazing with white dresses as the hint of colour in the earrings will give some variation and vibrance to the outfit and make the look stand out. There are wide options to style these earrings and I bet anyone who's going to get these earrings is going to look ethereal.


American Diamond Bracelet

This bracelet is an elegant piece to look at and has such a luxurious appeal to it. The design will totally make you stand out no matter what you are wearing. You can pair it with wide-legged pants and an off-shoulder top. You can also pair it up with a beautiful off white or beige dress. This bracelet is a statement piece and is surely going to attract a lot of attention. If you like enhancing your wrist swag, stack it up with some more styles in rose gold bracelets available in the collection. The idea is to create a statement look after all.


American Diamond Bracelet

This beautiful kadda from this collection is one of the fall's hot classics. The intricacy on the design with it’s meticulous craftsmanship is eye catching. The floral petal design is something that makes this more unique. Pair this Kadda with tunics, Tops or dresses, the options are limitless. When worn with formal outfits it enhanced the look with its sparkle and design.


American Diamond Bracelet Online

Diamonds are forever they say. This bracelet certainly reflects that. With its unique solitaire style design, it’s two tone playing and fine workmanship this bracelet is here to create your very own signature style. Pair it with skirts, dresses and formal outfits. The mix is interesting because the two tone looks really good with both light colours and dark colour outfits. You can pair it with sleeveless dresses and tops. Wear it behind your watch or let it sparkle solo on your wrist. Either way its going to grab the right attention.

These are some striking pieces from our resplendent Midas Touch collection. Perfect to add that touch of bling to a date night or day out with the gals!!!

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