When we go out for a social gathering one thing we all want to do is look our best. And what better way than jewellery to accentuate our look. An exquisite and sophisticated ensemble, such as a good dress or a well-made suit, along with a few pieces of high street jewellery, offers the look of sophistication that we desire. It demonstrates that we care about how we look, the clothes we wear and the jewellery we wear. It offers folks a sense of who we are without having to say anything.

But often these jewellery pieces are out of our budget. But that’s where we at The Glocal Trunk swoop in. We have assembled some amazing jewellery under ₹1000 so that you can get that chic & formal look without pinching your pocket.

Here we go:

1. Floral Vine Stone & Silver Long Earrings

Long Party Earrings

This beautiful earring has an antique silver finish to it. It has a quite long and beautiful design. It is a collection of some beautiful glassy stones embedded in the metal base. It will look amazing with both casual and Western outfits. It is perfect for an evening party. You can pair it up with tunics and dresses. Price: 999 INR

2. Disco Bohemia One Stacked Ring

Statement Party Rings

The beautiful ring has a gold finish to it and is embedded with Swarovski stones. It is perfect for parties, casual wear festivals and almost all occasions. It has a really unique Bohemian design that will outshine any outfit. You can pair it up with almost all the outfits be it casual or formal or party wear or traditional. It is going to get you tons of compliments because of its beautiful and unique design. Price: 999 INR

3. Fortuna Solitaire White Tone Stud Earrings

American Diamond Earrings

This is one of those pieces which will make you fall in love with them with just one look. It is embellished with high-quality American diamonds and has a really alluring and unique design. The beautiful American diamonds embedded in these earrings make it look super chic and classy. It's perfect for our evening parties and get together and will look amazing with a black Satin dress aur even with traditional outfits like kurtas. Price: 799 INR 

4. Crystalline Grey Stud Top Earrings

Statement Party Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are something that looks flattering on almost everyone no matter what the face size is, no matter how different people look, this particular jewellery item looks good on everyone. These beautiful crystalline grey stud top earrings look so dreamy and beautiful that one cannot take their eyes off them. It will look amazing for evening functions of parties. Pair it up with a beautiful dress, heels and a bun and you're going to look like an angel. Price: 799 INR 

5. Chakra Enamel, Cutwork & Pearl Jhumka Earrings - Red

Indian Jhumka Earrings

This beautiful earring has a gold plated base with a hint of red in it. It is embellished with beautiful Kundan pieces and we all know how beautiful Golden and kundans look together. It is one of those must-have pieces which everyone should own. It is perfect for pairing up with any solid colour outfit. Make the indo-western look work with this piece. Price: 899 INR

 6. Natural Bohemia Stone Set Of 3 Rings

Party Rings

This beautiful set of 3 Bohemia stone earrings looks astonishing. The beautiful design and the colour of the stones are something one cannot stop raving about. It is one of those pieces which you can wear almost everywhere. Pair it up with the evening gown or pair it up with a traditional gown. It is going to look amazing on both. This piece is going to get you tons of compliments. Price: 699 INR 

7. Salacia Cz & White Tone Half Hoop Earrings

American Diamond Earrings

This particular piece looks so gorgeous that one cannot stop looking at it. It is made up of high-quality material and has a really unique design. The beautiful American diamonds embedded in the earring make it look quite expensive. It has a really high-end design with a budget-friendly price which can be paired extremely well with both casual and formal outfits. It can outshine any outfit with its amazing quality and design. Price: 899 INR


8. Fiorella Stretch Bracelets - Set Of 2

Stretch Bracelets Party Wear

This gorgeous stretch bracelet has a royal and classy touch to it which makes it quite beautiful and unique to look at. It has beautiful flowers assembled together with stones embedded in the middle. Its colour is something which will make it go with both Western as well as traditional outfits. It will look equally amazing both on a dress or a lehenga and this piece will look amazing with black outfits. Price: 999 INR


9. Florid Set of 3 Rings Gold

Set of 3 Party Rings

This ring set has an extraordinary design and is adjustable so it can fit almost everyone. It has a really unique design and has a sort of vintage look to it. You can wear this with the evening gown or jumpsuit and they are going to look amazing. Price: 899 INR 

10. Sweet Victory Double Ring

Double finger ring party jewellery

This jewellery piece is so unique and amazing and can take your fashion game from 0 to 10. It has an amazing combination of both style and plush. Its quirky design makes it a must-have accessory. Style it up with a kurta and palazzo or a dress and boots and it's going to look amazing. Price: 799 INR

Shop for these gorgeous jewellery pieces at The Glocal Trunk website. And fulfil all your fashion dreams within a budget. Your style, your budget, your choice… one store

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