Silver Ethnic & Bohemian Jewellery

We adore powerful comebacks and the returned prevalence, marketability and popularity of Bohemian-ethnic treasures are as mighty and substantial as they come. Drawing inspiration from the fashion world around and wearing designs that are a blend of one's own and specific far-away cultures is a great idea to take a different turn from mainstream trends and exhibit your individuality, choice of couture in the best possible way.
The Glocal Trunk has once again emerged triumphant in aiding you with its luxurious and distinguished collection of magnificent Boho and ethnic styles that show off an earthly nature-themed array of graceful trinkets.  

Here are some hand-picked products from these prized collections of the trunk that will compel you to make these accessories, smelling sweetly of unique cultures and traditions from all over, your outfit's exclamation points!  

1. Tribal Bohemia Silver & Stone Dangler Earrings

Silver Hook Dangler Earrings


The mystery behind these silver finish and blue danglers comes from their versatility. Wear them on a loose summer/spring flowy dress with beige or brown boots and sandals and, Bam! you have your brand new street attire that is every bit as stunning as it claims to be.  

2. Two Tone Cut Out Ganesh Necklace Set

   Two Tone Tribal Necklace Set

A traditional Afghani 2 tone gold & silver metal beaded necklace set that is accentuated with traditional holy-looking God Ganesha intricate pendant! The perfect accessory for illustrious moments or Hindu festivities that will conquer the anxiety of life with the deity's presence and allow you to live in the moment.  

3. Indigo Drop Earrings

  Silver Drop Earrings

Dare to be different? Modernistic, enchanting pair of drop earrings that exhibit natural exquisiteness with meticulous artwork and precious skill will have you feeling elegant and rare each time you wear them. Make them a part of your night-out, casual or vintage-influenced get up and be at the top of your game all day long!  

4. Mesmerise Dancing Stone Stretch Bracelet

Buy Stretch Silver and Stone Bracelet Online

  Floral and colorful! Silver finish metal work unites with a playful mix of hues to create a one-of-a-kind stretch bracelet that will bring a reassuring smile to your face every time you don it. Dress up in lace, ruffles or velvet, and enhance the casual relaxed persona with this jewel piece  

5. Vintage Bohemia Ring

Vintage Silver Ring



Go retro with a touch of ethnic! Another way to decorate your kaftans, floor-length day dresses or loose crop tops and high waisted jeans or denim shorts is to put on this over-sized, vintage ring that will make sure to give you a peaceful and free-spirited allure.  

6. Karma Statement Silver/Blue

   Evil Eye Necklace

An extraordinary combination of karma and charm! The quintessential assortment of silver and blue comes to light in this ingeniously designed necklace which has a touch of glamour and brings with it a connection with the spiritual world, to help you stay in the here and now. When wearing this piece at resort parties or soirées, the necklace will add the right amount of dazzle to your appearance.  

There is never enough silver jewellery in a woman's wardrobe and the flame of these chosen ornaments from TGT will leave you in a well-predicted fashion daze! Happy shopping and (eventual) flaunting!  

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