Silver Meets Gold - Two Tone Jewellery Pairings

The Gold and Silver collection from The Glocal Trunk is just magical. We're proud to have designers who always look for unique ways to design our jewellery pieces.
Here are 5 Gold pieces and 5 Silver pieces of jewellery you should have in your jewellery box.

Continue reading below to know which gold accessory would match with the silver one and vice versa. It’s time to mix & match & create your own style statement.

1. Estrela Choker Necklace Gold X Alectrona Cz Top Stud Earrings

Gold and Stone Necklace  American Diamond Earrings

Such a stunning pair of gold necklaces and silver earrings! Both of these pieces are amazing in their ways, but they look astonishingly perfect when matched together. You can wear this pair while attending a formal occasion and rocking the entire look with your charm and star-like appearance of this perfect pair. Buy this pair now, and you'd always have a go-to jewellery option ready with you every time you get ready for a party or an event.

2. Spring In Bling Finger Ring X Sparkle Cz Openable Kadda/Bracelet

Hollow gold and stone ring
American Diamond Bracelet

The pair of rings and a bracelet should be magical. It enhances your entire look, be it western or Indian. Try this pair out now with a gold ring on your finger and a silver bracelet on your wrist. It would bring a twinkly vibe to your entire outfit. Both of these pieces would suit best in western as well as Indian traditional attire. Thus, it is a must-have piece.


Dainty Earrings
Evil Eye Adjustable Ring

Nothing can beat the beauty of gold earrings with silver stones on them. Girls fall in love every time they witness something magical like this. When paired with an evil eye silver ring, your look would be complete and astonishing. Make yourself a party-ready with a sassy outfit, and this elegant pair of golden earrings with evil eye rings would be a perfect addition to your mesmerising attire.


Stone Choker
American Diamond Bracelet online

The shimmering stone silver choker is so much in trend these days. Every lady on instagram is looking out for ideas to pair this alluring design. Well, we have got one concept as well. Match it with a gold plated bracelet with a silver stone on it. This perfect blend would give a royal vibe to your looks. No matter what you were, this pair will bring classiness to you.

5. Bling My Ears Full Hoop Earrings X Astral Cz Openable Kadda/Bracelet

Full Hoop Silver EarringsAmerican Diamond Bracelet

Can't take our eyes off these beautiful silver earrings. We can't begin to imagine how breathtaking it would look when paired with a golden bracelet with a pinch of silver in it. You can wear this pair with a simple traditional saree or carry a bold look with a long western dress. Both western and Indian outfits would get more value when accessorised with this pair.

These were some of the gold - silver pairings of our jewellery pieces we would love for you to try out. You can also give these pairs as a gift to your lovely gal pals, friends, sisters, wife or mom and surprise them with your taste. Jewellery is the key to a woman's heart, don't forget that!

Happy designer jewellery shopping, peeps!

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