The Glocal Trunk Stock Clearance Sale is finally here and we cannot wait to get our hands on the amazing jewellery pieces which are available at 70% off. It's the best time to shop for your favourite jewellery pieces as the prices are at the lowest and the pieces worth much more. With a wide variety of options to choose from, be it bracelets and bangles to earrings, necklaces, rings, chains, maang tikkas and many many more amazing pieces. This amazing sale is not just limited to mundane jewellery but it will cater to all your whimsical fashion desires. With a wide variety of pieces on offer. The price range is from below Rupees 500 to Rupees 2,000 for some amazing pieces which are totally going to blow your mind. It's the best time to get these trendy pieces as the prices are super pocket friendly.

So why wait, here are some of our top picks for you from The Glocal Trunk Stock Clearance Sale so that you do not lose the chance to get your hands over some unique pieces:  

1. Spring In Bling Finger Ring

Cocktail hollow stone and brass ring
This is a really unique and beautiful piece by The Glocal Trunk which is totally going to match with almost all your outfits. It is embellished with high-quality ornaments and has a stamped gold finish. 299 for such a trendy piece is a steal deal. You won't get such a gorgeous piece at such a reasonable price. Get your hands on it as soon as you can because pieces like these are totally going to make your whole look stand out. 

2. Moonshine Stone & Pearl Hair Pins

Stone and Pearl Hair Pins Hair Accessories
Just look at these beautiful hairpins, don't they look so alluring and gorgeous. These beautiful clips have some gorgeous stone stones embellished in them which are going to make even simple hairstyles look all trendy and classy. Wear these clips with Messy hair and it's going to give you all the model feels. If you go to any other place these clips are pretty expensive but here at The Glocal Trunk, we have customized the price just for you. Get this clip and change your hairstyle into all trendy ones in just a fraction of seconds. 

3. Shoulder Brush Bling Long Earrings

Shoulder Brushing Long Gold Earrings
These long hook danglers are the perfect match for all your night doubts and parties. This trendy pair of hearing has Swarovski crystals embellished in it with a beautiful gold finish. Pair this gorgeous piece with a little black dress and heels and you're going to look all amazing. Such pieces are usually quite pricey but here at The Glocal Trunk we have a price that won't hurt your pockets and still provide you with the trendiest jewellery pieces.  

4. Bohemian Sunshine Tassel Necklace

Tribal bohemian tassel necklace
If you're someone who doesn't like to be basic and loves to go a little hatke when it comes to jewellery this stunner is just for you. This Bohemian necklace has an amazing finish and a really gorgeous design at a great price. Style it up with outta, sarees and even jeans and tops and it's totally going to make you stand out. The price for such a piece is a more than amazing deal and one should get their hands on it as soon as possible.

5. Tennis Paved Multi Color Stone Bracelet

Evil Eye Tennis Bracelets

The evil eye is a super trendy piece when it comes to jewellery. They are sold at pretty high prices when you go out to get it from the market but here at The Glocal Trunk, we have got the best for you at the price which is totally going to suit your taste and pocket. It is available in three e gorgeous colours that are gold rose gold and silver with some gorgeous embellishments done in it. You can use it as daily wear jewellery as it has a minimal look. 

6. Bella Crystal Multilayered Necklace

Multi layer beaded chain necklace
We all know how chic layered chains look during winters. They go amazingly well without turtlenecks and sweaters. This particular piece has a golden finish and will look amazing with almost all the colours and give a statement to any outfit it is worn with. The price is a steal deal because you cannot get layered chains at such a low price anywhere with such a trendy design. 

7. Bohemian Beaded Disc Dangler Earrings

Blue Beaded Bohemian Dangler Earrings
Boho jewellery is those jewellery pieces that have been there for such a long time but have never been out of trend because of their versatile style and how amazing they look. The price for these gorgeous pair of earrings is a steal deal as you cannot get such an amazing deal for such a gorgeous piece at this price. It is perfect for your day out and night outs and if worn with any outfit of white colour it is going to look amazing and give a whole different definition to your outfit.  

8. Black Crystal And Blue Stone Antique Earrings

Vintage Gold with black and blue stone Dangler Earrings
This pair of earrings are such a statement and are the perfect pair of earrings to add that extra oomph to any outfit. It has that exclusive and not so unique design which you can not commonly find everywhere, therefore, it is a steal deal not only because of its pocket-friendly price but of its unique design which is totally going to make you stand out and it's totally going to get you tons of compliments on how amazing these look on you. 

9. Soirée Shimmer Stone Crystal Choker Silver

Stone and crystal party choker necklace

This is one of those pieces you can't stop drooling over. If you have a wedding coming over, get this as soon as you can because this piece has such a versatile design that it is totally going to go with at least one of your outfits. Such a gorgeous piece at such a price can only be possible during The Glocal Trunk sale because we bet you can't get such a gorgeous piece at such a great price anywhere else. This is a steal deal therefore go get yourself this beautiful choker as soon as you can. 

10. Baguette Single Crystal Ear Cuff

Stone single ear cuff
This is such a statement piece that wherever you go you are totally going to flaunt it. It has a really unique and amazing design with a super pocket-friendly price which you can get nowhere else other than The Glocal Trunk. Style these with whatever outfit you want as it has a really versatile style and it will go with all Indian and Western outfits. 

11. Cupid's Love Earrings

Cupids Figure Vintage Earrings
Just look at this beautiful pair of earrings and how cute and mushy it looks. It has a really unique design which is pretty hard to find anywhere else. The Glocal Trunk has this super cute and pretty piece at a pretty amazing and decent price. Give this to your loved ones and see how happy they'll look in it. 

This is the best time to bag all the stunning jewellery pieces that you were thinking of getting for a really long time. The Glocal Trunk has an amazing collection at a really affordable price. So don't wait and go click ‘add to cart’ with all your favourite jewellery pieces because this sale is for a limited time only.

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