Styling Mixed Metals

There was a time when ladies matched their shoes, luggage , nail polish and nearly every other item to their outfits. Mixing multiple metals while making or wearing jewellery was also frowned upon at the time. Gold was never intended to meet silver, and copper was never supposed to meet bronze! As a result, you can understand how thrilling it is for us to disclose that mixed metal items are one of this year's top jewellery trends. Looking at this trend, we notice that it certainly amps up an otherwise simple appearance and provides the warehouse passion that unusual edge.  
Models on the runway, celebrities, and movie stars are all flashing their own versions of magnificent mixed metal decorations. Even royalty is getting in on the act to keep up with the trend. It is always exciting to add new jewellery to your collection. Mixed metals, on the other  having a moment in jewellery and are unmistakably here to stay. This trend allows us to mix and match all of our favourite metals. Designers all around The World are experimenting with metal combinations to create unique and stunning pieces of jewelry. There are no longer any limitations to combining metals.  


Types of mixed metal jewellery

Two-Toned Jewellery

The basic two-tone style is regarded to be the most popular. It mixes in well with your existing clothing and is resistant to colour fads. Mixing two opposing tones, such as silver and copper, is the key. It has an appealing design that is both eye-catching and classic. The new bling is blend! We have faith in. Take a look from the Stock Clearance Sale Collection from The  Glocal Trunk which has items in gold rose gold and rhodium blended with other metals and stones.  

Multi Toned Jewellery

This is when things start to get a little crazy. Designers have been experimenting with new hues of gun metal, bronze and even tarnished sterling silver in addition to the three traditional tones (yellow white and rose). This jewellery style is for those who are interested to take risks and try new things.  

The Skill of Alloying

Alloys have been the most common method of combining metals. This is an important step for craftsmen and designers because they must decide on a variety of things, such as which substance will be mixed with metals, the proportion of mixing that will not affect the prime metals original properties and quality, the process of transforming the mix into a piece and so on.  

Styling mixed metals jewellery pieces  

Don't you believe that rules, especially fashion norms, were made to be defined and that gems of all tones filed hai or sparsely studded may look amazing when styled correctly? We are adamant about it. You see we are among the rule breakers!  

Something for everyone, from delicate exquisite jewellery to bolder pieces, and this trend suits every style, from casual to a cocktail ensemble. If you prefer a more understated look, choose rings in a range of sizes, styles and hues, or layer striking bracelets on top of one of a kind handpiece.  

Searching for the right pieces to experiment with is a complete hassle and finding the right jewellery pieces is quite hard work. But don't worry we've got your back. Here are some amazing pieces from The Glocal Trunk which are totally going to make you fall in love with them.

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Here we go:

1. Green Bohême Hook Dangler Earrings

Green stone dangler earrings

This beautiful pair of earrings has such an attractive and gorgeous design and once someone takes a look at it there's no turning back. It has a gold finish which is embedded with some crystals and stone danglers which give it a very attractive and beautiful design and colour. It is a really unique piece and it is surely an eye-catching item. Both the gold and the green stones embedded in this piece go super well together giving it a really unique look.
Price: 499 INR

 2. Natural Bohemia Stone Set Of 3 Rings

3 stone ring set

This is such a gorgeous piece that one can just not ignore it. It has an antique gold finish with natural stones embedded in the metal. It has a design really similar to the jewellery pieces of Sabyasachi collection. The antique gold finish and the stones go hand in hand giving it an antique and gorgeous finish.

Price: 499 INR   

3. Banjaran Two Tone Bohemian Necklace

Tribal two tone Necklace

This neck piece speaks volumes for its design and look. It is a Bohemian style two tone necklace which is made up of metal with layered style along with soundless ghungroo beads. It has antique gold and silver used together giving it a really antique and unique finish. Both of these metals go really well together. The price at which we are getting this piece is totally a steal deal.

Price: 399 INR  

4. Stardust Pearl & Metal Long Dangler Earrings

Metal and Pearl dangling earrings

It is a perfect statement piece if you want to add that extra omf to any outfit. It has a really exquisite and unique design. It is made up of gold plated metal along with stones and pearls beautifully paired up with it. It is totally a treat to eyes to even look at these earrings because it has such a gorgeous design. This is a must have for you if you are fond of unique pieces and love to experiment with your jewellery.
Price: 799 INR

5. Two Tone Sunflower Adjustable Ring

Two toned metal ring

This is a perfect piece for all the women out there who love ethnic handmade jewelry. It is dual tone plated and is made up of alloys, silver and is gold plated. It has that unique touch to it which makes it look really antique and vintage. Both the gold and silver look extremely amazing together and getting such a unique piece at such a reasonable price is a total steal deal.
Price: 399 INR

Choosing jewellery pieces is similar to giving your style a voice, and there are no standards that everyone should follow. It all comes down to what you want to wear on what makes you feel good about yourself! We handpicked these mixed metal Jewellery pieces specifically for you.
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