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Accessories To Beat The Monsoon Blues

The gloomy days with grey skies of the monsoon season are here already. But we just can’t let that get to us can we? Let’s infuse vibrance into your look this monsoon and elevate your mood this season. Read on to find some handpicked accessories from The Glocal Trunk curated specially to resonate ones timeless beauty.

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30 April, 2021 / by The Glocal Trunk Comments(0)

Caring for Fashion Jewellery

Some of the most exquisite, meaningful and probably expensive possession of yours might be residing in your jewellery cabinet, and you might be doing your utmost to take care of them and keep them in their prime conditions. But are you using the appropriate techniques that actually yield results? Fashion jewellery or artificial jewellery as we call it, is not made of pure metal throughout and pollution, alcohol, synthetics, water and even sanitizer can damage the pieces, leaving them dull and dingy. We at The Glocal Trunk believe that it is important to keep our ornaments clean, hygienic and free of unwanted germs. And with most of us under lockdowns and curfews, we aren’t wearing all our jewellery the way we usually would, sparing some delicate daily wear styles. To make that caring for your loved pieces easy for you, we have rounded up some relatively easy household methods to achieve this.

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