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Customer Faves from TGT’s Monsoon Sale *Sale Ends 31st Aug’21…Limited Stock Only

The grand TGT Monsoon Sale is about to end, and we can't let you miss out on any chances of shopping from our overflowing jewellery trunk. The sale ends on the 31st of August, and yes, we're only left with a few days.

Let us make shopping for jewellery easy because it is challenging to choose the best piece out of so many. The pieces listed below are our very own customer's favourites from TGT Monsoon Sale. Take a look at them!

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Armlets X Anklets

Do you want to flaunt your style with armlets and anklets? If yes, then here's your chance to get the best pieces from The Glocal Trunk. The armlets and anklets look really cool and chic but many girls are not aware of it. Well, we want you to make a trend and absolutely rock it.
Welcome to the world of pairing these stellar pieces of body jewellery. Get the amazing armlets and anklets in pairs formed by us and look bold, be it with any outfit or on any occasion. Let's hop onto the list already because we can't keep calm enough to share the sassy pairs of armlets and anklet jewels from The Glocal Trunk.

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Brighten Your Days With TGT’s Multicoloured Jewellery

Featuring a stunning range of earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces, these wondrously unique choices are straight from the most vibrant, high-spirited, energized and lively collections of jewellery.
The Glocal Trunk has stepped up its game again by bringing together a colorful assortment of captivating baubles that are outstanding for gifting, attractive wear and marking special occasions.

Here is a list of gorgeous and irresistible selection of bijoux decked with a variety of colors from the rainbow, that serve as faces for more such trinkets in the trunk that are waiting to be explored and owned by you.

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My Jewellery Wishlist

You can't buy happiness but you can buy jewellery. Discover everyday wearables from our collection of everlasting resplendent jewellery pieces that are meant to be worn anywhere, with any attire.

The Glocal Trunk has put together 10 of their instantly attention-grabbing trinkets in its much-awaited wish list series so you can compliment yourself with the best of the best.

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Valentines Week Special

This Valentines Day, we trust you must have planned something bigger and special for your loved one with a nice elegant outfit ready. But, let's add a hint of sparkle to it to make it a memorable as well as an aesthetic one. After all it IS the week to shine bright with jaw-dropping items of jewelry to match your lovely outfits.
Here's the list of sparkling jewel you can shop stardust collection from The Glocal Trunk.

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