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Fan Favourites - TGT MONSOON SALE

The Glocal Trunk thrives because of its fans and much loved clients. Here’s one for them! We’ve had the privilege to reach out to and put together some of our fan fam favourites from our TGT Monsoon Sale. It’s time to infuse vibrance into your jewellery box this season and elevate your mood and your style. Let’s dive right in!

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Surprise Her With Midas Touch Earrings

You really don't need a reason or a particular occasion to surprise the special women in your life, be it yourself mother, wife, sister, daughter or a special friend. This is a friendly reminder to surprise and astonish your loved ones with something valuable and classy. Well, you can go certainly bank on us at

The Glocal Trunk work our plethora of classy earrings because we believe in a famous saying, "A good pair of earrings illuminates the skin and accentuate your look."

The earrings are handcrafted with creative sets of American diamonds in designs that can glam up any look and any outfit by simply putting them on.

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The jewellery industry is overflowing with terms like customisation, sustainable, everyday and eye catching phrases such as “suits your personality” or “speaks your story” but nothing can beat the authenticity and beauty of vintage jewellery pieces. Styles may come and go but the rare one-of-a-kind vintage pieces are the evergreen ones. Hence, here are some beautiful pieces created with love by The Glocal Trunk, romantic enough too woo over your loved ones in just one glance.

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Life isn't perfect, but your jewellery collection can be! Have you ever imagined a jewellery collection that can be worn with any outfit and anywhere? If you haven't yet, well then let us take you to the world of creative imagination and it's you who will bring them into reality by shopping our ‘founder favourites’

We have compiled a list of few of our founder Priya Kapur’s personal favourites from her very own ‘The Glocal Trunk’. Treat yourselves to some of the most eye-catching pieces now!

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Midas Touch X Evil Eye Collection

Did you ever imagine that Evil Eye-themed jewelry would ever be a trend? Well, the Evil Eyes jewellery pieces are not just a fashion statement but are topping the list of forever being in trend due to their uniqueness. And who doesn’t like some bling to go with it?
So let us take you to the beautiful world of mixing and matching - where we suggest some classy pairing ideas from our Evil Eye and the Midas Touch collections from The Glocal Trunk.

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