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Is there any way to wear jewelry when the chill of winter strikes and you're covered in cashmere, bundled in various sorts of coats and covers, and your accessories consist of hats, gloves, and earmuffs, as well as scarves or shawls that wrap around your neck and face? Yes, we at #theglocaltrunk say. There is always a way if there is a will. Jewelry has gotten more customized than ever before in the last decade, and it's difficult to leave the house without the items that speak to your particular style and make a statement about you. The soft earmuffs don't exactly scream ‘independent, confident woman’s’ buy "I'd prefer not to get frostbite today," they remark instead. Which is smart, but not as fashionable as you might like. To ease the stress of adding colour & shine to your winter wardrobe here are some beautiful pieces at The Glocal Trunk picked by our styling team, sure enough to promise you a vibrant winter ahead.
Here we go:

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When we go out for a social gathering one thing we all want to do is look our best. And what better way than jewellery to accentuate our look. An exquisite and sophisticated ensemble, such as a good dress or a well-made suit, along with a few pieces of high street jewellery, offers the look of sophistication that we desire. It demonstrates that we care about how we look, the clothes we wear and the jewellery we wear. It offers folks a sense of who we are without having to say anything.
But often these jewellery pieces are out of our budget. But that’s where we at The Glocal Trunk swoop in. We have assembled some amazing jewellery under ₹1000 so that you can get that chic & formal look without pinching your pocket. Here we go:

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New Year - New Gifts

Go forward without a care and shop to your hearts desire from our trunk. Keeping up with the trends, we have new styles of stackable rings, stud earrings, pretty necklaces and pendants that will be ideal for you to add that touch of colour to your friendship.

Let’s make 2021 special one bling at a time!

Psst: All these gorgeous baubles are on sale till 7th January only... make the most of the Holiday Sale here.

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