The Perfect Jewellery for your Honeymoon

Your wedding might have been the happiest day of your life, but trust us, it’s only going to get better. The honeymoon that follows is just the start. Days and nights of strolling hand in hand along the beach, gazing at the stars, discovering new sights and making memories, there’s so much to do during your honeymoon. While we’re sure you have packed your cutest swimwear, favourite dresses and shorts, some jewellery would be perfect to compliment those outfits. Take a look at what are our favourite pieces for your honeymoon.

Hair Pins
We can’t get enough of how cute these Stardust Crystal Pins are. With a dainty star design, accentuated by a sparkling stone, these hair pins are an easy to create a casual but chic look during your honeymoon.

Layered Necklaces
These are all the rage now and are the perfect way to style any outfit on your honeymoon. From a dress during a casual lunch or a more formal night out, we think the Troy Delicate Layered Chain Necklace is just as versatile as it is elegant.

Dangler Earrings
How cute are these Accent Dangler Earrings? With geometry and colours interspersed, we think these would be perfect with a sundress, the wind in your hair and a long walk along the beach during sunset.

This East Meets East Bracelet would go perfectly well with a swimsuit for one of those days when you just want to lounge by the pool and catch some sun. We’re sure the gleam from the bracelet is bound to catch your husband’s eyes too.

Hand Harness
Hand harnesses are a timeless accessory that’s perfect for a woman of grace, elegance and poise. Slip on a Czarina Hand Harness with an elegant design and statement blue stone which will leave your husband mesmerised by its beauty.

Make your legs stand out by accentuating them with an anklet and your favourite flip-flops. The Beach Style Anklet in both silver and gold is the perfect way to accessorise, yet keep it simple for the perfect seaside look.

Now that you have your jewellery sorted for your honeymoon, don’t forget other essentials like a good sun screen, a hat, camera, sunglasses, light clothes and a map of the place. And above all, we hope your honeymoon is a memorable one with stories to last a lifetime.

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