Xmas Cheer With Red, White & Green!

The festive season is back and it’s time to party! Christmas is the perfect excuse to flaunt your best dresses, perfectly accessorised with the right jewellery. It is also the season of giving and what better gift for a loved one than jewellery? And just like any other festival, Christmas is all about colours.
Red, white and green dominate the occasion and we found the perfect pieces of jewellery to match the theme.
Check out some of our favourite pieces, which we’re definitely going to be flaunting this season.

Natural Agate Stone And Keshi Pearl Necklace Moss Green
We absolutely love Agate stones and when we found them in a brilliant green shade along with hints of white, we knew this would be one of our favourite pieces of jewellery for Christmas. Pair it with a white dress and heels, and you’re good to go, for your next Christmas party.

Bejewelled Body Jewellery - White
A little black dress is one of the classiest outfits to wear at any Christmas party. So why not accessorise your favourite dress? With this bejewelled body chain, studded with crystals and chains, we’re sure this will definitely get heads turning towards you all night long.

Rhinestone Crystal Hair Wrap

Christmas is all about being flamboyant and dressing your best. Dress your hair with this rhinestone crystal hair wrap that’s perfect for when you want to keep your jewellery minimal, yet have a statement piece that lets you stand out in a crowd.

Anastasia Pearl Drop Crystal Stud Earring Red
Red and white are definitely the colours of the season and we think earrings are the perfect way to flaunt them. These crystal and pearl earrings are perfect for any occasion and are easy to pair with almost any outfit.

Stark Red Silk And Stone Hollow Stiff Cuff
Cuffs are all the rage and Christmas is the perfect excuse to flaunt them in style. With hints of red, this is a good way to make a statement, yet keep it simple. Pair this with a black dress and it is going to be the perfect outfit for any party.
There’s plenty to choose from this Christmas season and we think sticking the colours of the occasion is definitely the way to go.
Red, white and green can be worn in so many different ways and compliment so many outfits, that are guaranteed to make this a jolly, jewellery filled Christmas.

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