TGT Statement Necklaces

Jewellery plays a vital role when it comes to dressing up. A lot of people think that the outfit is the hero of any look but we fail to understand that the right accessories and right jewellery can make any outfit look more fashionable and chic in just a matter of seconds.
Styling bold, statement pieces with western or casual wear is something that people have been very skeptical about. So here are some beautiful statement pieces from The Glocal Trunk which if paired with tees and tops can totally transform your fashion game.
Here we go:

1. Fluid Crystal & Tassel Statement Necklace

Tassel Necklace

This beautiful piece by The Glocal Trunk is such a statement piece that once someone lays their eyes on them there's no going back. No matter what the occasion or outfit is, tassels never fail to amaze you. The beautiful stonework on this piece with the beautiful black tassels is something that can transform your outfit totally. You can pair it up with a black flared full sleeve top along with a pair of white jeans and heels and a sleek ponytail and you're good to go. This will make your outfit look chicer and the beautiful Stones in the necklace. You can also pair it up with a white V neck T-shirt along with blue shorts and some Kolhapuri chappals. This will give you a boho-chic look and can be your go-to for any day outing, college, grocery shopping or anything. This necklace can make any outfit look amazing and make you look like an extreme goddess no matter what the occasion is.

Price: 1199 INR

2. Evil Eye Statement Necklace Blue/Sliver

Evil Eye Necklace

This beautiful statement piece is a Turkish Evil eye necklace with a modern twist. The evil eye is a pretty popular design in the accessory market and it has a unique quality of making any outfit look more fashionable. This Evil eye necklace comes with a twist. It has beautiful pearls in it which make it look extremely beautiful and so different from the other pieces available in the market. This necklace will look extremely good with off-shoulder tops as it showcases your neck area and this necklace will look amazing and will draw a lot of attention to your neck. It will also look amazing with a 34 balloon sleeve top pad along with a skirt and some chunky shoes and this beautiful piece. This will look like a match made in heaven and a lot of people are going to compliment you for your style game.

Price: 1500 INR  

3. Karma Statement Emerald/Green

Evil Eye Necklace

When it comes to emeralds we cannot find a single person who won't like them. Now coming to the piece this is such a treat to the eyes and is so beautiful to look at that one cannot take their eyes off them. It is not like a simple chain which people usually prefer with tees and tops but it has a unique design that will stand out and will look super unique keeping the outfit aside. You can parrot up with full sleeve turtleneck top lead bootcut jeans and a pair of black heels and open hair. This complete look is so mesmerizing that it's going to get you lots of compliments. Wear it for a day party, a night party or a branch you are totally going to stand out.
Price: 1500 INR 

4. Multicolour Pop Tassel Necklaces

Multicolour Tassel Necklaces

As we previously said, tassels never fail to amaze you. These colourful tassel chains will transform any boring outfit into a happy one in a fraction of seconds. The tassels have some amazing beautiful bold colours which will look amazing with most of the outfits. Pair these chains with a white full sleeve round neck top or you can also go with a full sleeve turtleneck top and it will look amazing. You can also pair it up with a white short kurta top and shorts with shoes or sandals and you are good to go for any day brunch, college, etc. If you are someone who likes to play with colours this is the one for you.

Price: 1000 INR 

5. Bejewelled Multistone Collar Necklace

Multicolour Stone Collar Necklace

Last but not least this beautiful piece with multi-stone is totally going to make you feel like a Queen. The beautiful stones in this piece make it look so unique and beautiful that it's going to get you tons of compliments. It has a really unique round design and is very different from the regular neck chains. This piece can transform any look single-handedly. Pair it up with a white or black or white shirt along with a pair of blue jeans and heels and open hair and they're going to make you look like a complete goddess. This is such a unique piece that will look amazing on almost everyone. You can also pair it up with an off-shoulder top and skirt along with white shoes and this will be an amazing look for any day outing. This is a very alluring and unique piece and it will beautifully transform any outfit.

Price: 1500 INR 

These are some of our top picks for you from The Glocal Trunk which are going to transform your outfits and keep you way ahead of others when it comes to styling. Gone are the days when styling unique necklaces was a problem. Pair these however you wish and you are going to look amazing.
It’s time to make a statement!

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