Click Button Jewellery Combo’s - A Perfect Gift!

Gifts manifest true emotions and convey appreciation from your loved ones. Spark your creativity  to create that unique gift to surprise your loved ones with TGT’s Click Button Jewellery. You can give your loved ones a personalised gift to make that occasion memorable. These gifts are not only remembered forever but also build strong relationships, so why not give them something different and unique.  

This process of customising jewellery, creating your own bracelets and combining it with necklaces and earrings could be a good gift because it symbolises your efforts and with the range of click buttons available your options are limitless.  
Although designing your own Click Button Jewellery is fun we’ve taken the liberty to create preset combos to choose from. They have been put together with every aesthetic detail in mind.

Read on to check them out:    

1.Click Button Combo - Gold Bracelet

Charm Bracelets

This gold bracelet comes with 2 click buttons: one with black color and other one with silver design. It is a mix match combo which can go with any outfit. You can wear a black bracelet for your outings and silver one for daily wear as well. These colors are provided in the combo, so that you may choose depending on occasions.It is a unique option and very classy altogether.
Price: Rs. 1,100.00      

2.Click Button Combo - Gold Necklace

Pendant Necklace Online

Here you get a gold necklace m, and two buttons.Both are very delicate designs. Both the colors black and red have been chosen in this combo to create a bold and a light subtle look. You can accordingly dress these up based on your moods and outfits.   The heart button will suit western outfits. It is such a beautiful piece and your lady will simply adore it.   The black one gives a regal look. Your lady can wear it with black saree or suit.    
Price: Rs. 1,100.00                

3.Click Button Combo- Silver Bracelet

Stretch Silver Charm Bracelet

This one is clearly a jaw-dropping piece. The gold button oozes classiness. The other one, antique silver button is a beautiful piece and is a complete shine on transformation to the hands. The work of silver in between black gives such a ravishing look. Must have in your collection. Also, here you can have both gold and silver pieces in one combo.    
Price: Rs. 1,100.00        

 4. Click Button Combo - Onyx Bracelet

Stretch Bracelets Online

This one again comes with an extravagant and trendy bracelet and two buttons. The gold click button is a delicate piece and will go perfectly with any look. The black one is designed to match your western outfits. This design is selectively designed for youngsters. This onyx bracelet is a smart piece and will lo with your basic jeans look. Also, the gold one can match ethnic outfits perfectly. This combo is especially designed for girls, so that they can wear and change their bracelet alternately between ethnic look and basic outfits.      
Price: Rs. 1,100.00         

All these 4 Click Button combos are exclusive customised products from The Glocal Trunk. This is really a unique and creative way to surprise your loved ones. Whenever in doubt, choose these customized gifts and make your loved one feel even more special.

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