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Two of women’s favourites when it comes to jewellery is hands down, ‘comfort’ and ‘stylish’. It makes you stand confident, adding exuberance to your look. No one wants to wear something that is not comfortable or versatile. From stunning party wear look to minimal everyday look, these amazing pieces possess magical qualities of elevating any outfit especially when paired with casuals. Hence we have handpicked some of the best jewellery pieces from The Glocal Trunk that is perfect to pair with causal wear. Let’s dive right in!

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Dazzling Blue Jewellery

Are you looking for blue stone jewellery pieces that look super classy and make you stand out in a crowd at the same time? We're here to help you out with our collection that is specially curated to look perfect when you put them on. Aren't you excited already to witness the majestic royal beauty of these pieces!

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Styling Jewellery For A Zoom Meeting

Now that we have been catapulted back into lockdowns and city-wide curfews, our basements, spare bedrooms or kitchens have once again regained the proud title of 'work spaces'. This unprecedented move has encouraged a rush of comfortable loungewear designs with an aim to look 'up to the mark' in our laid-back settings. To pick up the pace of our #WFH (work from home) outfits, wearing modest jewellery from the shoulders-up, to flaunt with our cozy and relaxed yet chic attire, is becoming a new trend. The Glocal Trunk does not want you to stay behind and has rounded up 5 jewellery in-vogue trends of 2021 that will serve as an inspiration for you. Here are some of the most dazzling jewels to wear to your next Zoom meeting and rejuvenate yours as well as your co-workers' spirits!

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Keeping It Light with Dainty Jewellery

If you are not a big fan of chunky jewellery and are not looking for one which brings in too much attention you must give dainty jewellery a chance. Simple and elegant when paired well add just a tiny hint of sparkle to your appearance. Make sure you pair the right pair with the right dress. You can go solo with the dainty jewellery or layer it exquisitely.
With The Glocal Trunk get your own pair of dainty jewellery, match it with your go to outfit. Choose from simple casual styles to the elegant formal ones. One thing can be assured that you will surely find the one that matched your taste here.

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Enhancing your wrist swag by stacking jewellery is a look which has now been in and fashionable for sometime. It can become your trademark statement wear, from ‘blinging-it-on’ to boisterous or scaling it down to elegance. Do not be afraid to experiment with shapes and sizes while making your very own combinations. It is also very chic to combine metals, colours, stones & whatever meets your fancy.

For some style inspiration, browse through and read on the article on how to stack up different arm candy.

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