Women's Day Power Dressing!

Power dress your way this Women's Day. Styling oneself is an important part of exuding the boss lady persona and you want to make sure you check all the right boxes.
Accessorising to create that impact can be tricky, as you don’t want to overdo it.
Keep your accessories simple with minimalistic detailing.

Boho Flutter Fly Chain Bracelet
This bracelet is simple, and stylish and just what you need for a working lunch. When wearing jewellery for a working lunch, keep charms dainty and just the right size to make an impression, yet not be too loud.

Boss Lady Set Of 4 Rings

Rings are good way to accessorise for a power lunch. This set of rings have just the right amount of bling to wear to a meeting where you are dressed to impress and shows off your mature side at the same time.

Daily Set Of 5 Rings
As simple as they might seem, these rings make for a good addition to any formal look. When you want to accessorise that work suit, a plain ring can go a long way. Wear these with a pair of gold stud earrings to complete your look.

Hidden Love Opera Necklace
On a more casual working lunch, this necklace would go well when worn with a shirt or a dress. Dressing up for a power lunch can be a bit tricky, but with just the right amount of crystal and stone detailing, this one’s our pick for lunch at a café.

Intertwine 3 In 1 Bangles

Bangles go a long way in completing your look, no matter what you are wearing. For a power lunch, if you want to accessorise but not go over the top, slip on these three in one bangles to add a touch of shine to your outfit.

With the right accessories to match your smartest outfits, dressing up for a working lunch will no longer cause you to worry about your appearance and you can focus on the job at hand and make the right impression.

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