Vacay In Style....TGT Holiday Jewellery!

Vacate time means it is time to take a break, let loose and get that much deserved holiday you’ve been dreaming about all year. But just because you are on a break, don’t let your style take a back step.
Dress your best on your next sojourn with trendy jewellery to match your favourite dresses or resort wear.
Take a look at some pieces we think would look fab on you.
Boho is very chic during the summer and goes perfectly well with flowly dresses. These half-moon danglers with antique detailing and silver chains would make the perfect holiday accessory and is an absolute must-have this season.
There’s sunshine all around this holiday season. And with a tassel necklace that exudes the sun, it is just what you need to brighten up any outfit. Whether it is pool wear or something for a brunch, the chain suits all occasions and will keep you stylish throughout the day.

Less is always more, especially when packing for a holiday. Carry just what you need to make a statement without being over the top or too much. In such cases, a gold and stone cuff is the ideal day to night accessory.

Silver Sea Bohemian Tassel Necklace
Stun your way throughout your holiday with a statement tassel necklace. With its intricate designs and boho style, this is a holiday essential to keep you effortlessly stylish all day. The antique detailing has had us head over heels with the piece and we think you would love it just as much.

Holidays are all about bright colours, fun vibes and playfulness. To bring this out, our multicolour pop tassel necklaces are perfect for the season. The vibrant colours and dainty necklaces are just what you need to keep it cool on your vacation.

With stars over your head, and the moon shining bright, they also make an apt addition to your holiday jewellery collection. The delicate designs are just what you need for a night on the beach with the wind in your hair.

Holiday jewellery is definitely versatile as well as stylish. It is easy-going, light, and playful and is perfect for the summer. Now that you know what to wear, get shopping and happy holidays!

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