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Charm Away With Our Charm Jewels

From the looks of it, you can tell that there is a charm bracelet or necklace on just about every woman. They are fashionable and functional, making them a great addition to any wardrobe. Charm jewellery is a popular trend in woman's fashion. The latest trends are charms and click button jewellery. This trend has taken the world by storm, celebrities and even high-fashion models have been seen sporting this type of jewellery. It's not just about matching your shirt to your shoes anymore. So, here’s how this gorgeous interchangeable button jewellery can help you express yourself without having to spend a fortune on accessories that don't always look as polished

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Wrist Swag with Interchangeable CLICK BUTTON BRACELETS

Women's wrists and hands are known as the 'expressive zone' of their bodies since a hand gesture speaks volumes. And what better way to ring attention to those wrists than TGT’s Click Button Jewellery. Bracelets remain one of a woman's most elegant and timeless accessories. They give your outfit the appropriate amount of sophistication and glitz. But getting that perfect bracelet has always been a hassle. So why not create your own style with our interchangeable button bracelets.

One click gives you a whole new bracelet.

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We all know the important role jewels play when it comes to styling. Those times have long gone when we used to think only about the outfits. Now we have understood the power of accessories and we know how a simple chain or a dainty ring or some small tops can change your entire look making it more fashionable, wearable, and elegant. Pairing jewelry pieces together is a really tough task and requires looking up into minute details. Sometimes we have the most gorgeous pieces but we just don't know how to make it match with other pieces but not to worry folks we are here just to help you out. We have selected some amazing combos from The Glocal Trunks Stock Clearance Sale (with some pieces Upto 70% off) which look gorgeous when styled together.
Check out our pairing selections below -

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A perfect outfit is always incomplete without a perfect accessory. We have a vast choice when it comes to jewellery but it is often difficult to choose a perfect piece because the market is full of options therefore, we find it quite difficult to choose the one suited to our taste easily. To make accessory shopping a joyful experience The Glocal Trunk is your one-stop destination for solving this dilemma. Choose from a highly versatile collection with some striking jewellery pieces . like maang tikkas, haath pans, hair combs, earrings, hand and foot harnesses and many more. Here’s a wholesome accessory list perfect for the festive season:

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A Gift of Choice - Gift Vouchers By The Glocal Trunk

The Glocal Trunk has made gifting easy for you by bringing up Gift vouchers for your family and friends. Although, they have some amazing and unique jewelry pieces available online on their website. They have got you covered if you are confused and don't know what would be the perfect jewelry item for someone.

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