‘Design Your Own Click Buttons’ Pairing Recommendations

“If I had my way, I’d wear jewelry, a great pair of heels, and nothing else.” – Jada Pinkett Smith. We start this #tgtstylefile with this relatable quote about jewellery because accessorizing yourself with statement jewellery along with traditional jewellery is a dream for many ladies out there.

A versatile jewellery piece is the one that looks elegant with every outfit be it festive, western or casual. These extremely amazing combinations are from your very own The Glocal Trunk’s ‘Design Me Click Button’ selection and it is the reason why we have brought to you the matching pairs to help create your customised look.

Here is the recommendation list down below to style your own click button pairs just for you to look angelic:  

1) Alphabets Click Button White x Snake Chain Pendant White

Alphabet Click ButtonSnake white chain pendant


You can pair this perfect initial button with a gorgeous white chain in order to give a remarkable combination of classy look to match with your outfits on every occasion or even on your daily wears. It can be a good pick if you follow this exact combination. Get them now!

2) Floral Buttons x Rose Gold Dangler Earrings

Floral Fashion SnapsFashion Snaps Earrings

Tis' the season of flowers peeps! Match these flowery sets of 6 buttons with a set of rose gold earrings. The combination will give you a magnificent look with the asymmetry of design that you can carry on your casual outfits mainly especially during the season of Summer.

3) Evil  Eye Crystal Click Button x Stretch Brace let Gold -

Buy Evil Eye Jewellery Online  Fashion Snap Bracelet Online

The perfect look of gold and white along with black colour palette of the Evil eye button can give a gorgeous look when put on with a gold bracelet. Grab them now because it is so hard to find such a heavenly pair that suits your every look.

4) Evil Eye Enamel Click Button Snake Chain Pendant White 

Evil Eye Fashion JewellerySnake Chain Pendant White

Nothing can beat the beauty of the blue black and white color combination when paired with an elegant white chain. This combination brings a glamour to your outfits and will leave people stunned when they look at your overall look. It's time to shine bright in a world full of matte.

5) Alphabet Click Button Gold x Stretch Bracelet Onyx-

Initial Fashion Snaps OnlineClick Button Bracelet


Another gorgeous combination that you definitely need to carry is the initial gold button with Onyx bracelet. You can walk and feel like a Queen wearing this amazing pair carrying them with your casual look. You can totally rock a traditional office look with this combo. Hurry now and catch the combo!  

Click Button Jewellery with interchangeable buttons is the absolute way to match your jewellery to your attitude. Unlike other costume jewellery, Click Button Jewellery can be changed frequently to match your cause, your fashion or your attitude. Simply change the button and the jewelry becomes fresh and new again.
Which Click Button would you choose? An alphabet? An Evil Eye button? A Loved One's Pink Ribbon? Do you lean towards florals or are you just feeling festive? Design and wear your own look. People will ask you who designed your jewelry and you can proudly say. . . I did myself!

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